Monday, 30 May 2016

Reconciliation rumours

I haven't posted for almost a year, but there has been some speculation that the Society of Such Pious Gents will reconcile with Rome. I therefore thought it would be useful to add clarity to the matter. I can confirm that these rumours exist and that representatives of our Society have had cordial meetings with representatives with the Holy Father. However, it is too early to say whether a reconciliation will actually take place. What I can confirm, however, is the following:

1. If the Society of Such Pious Gents reconciles with Rome, it will because, according to Catholic teaching, it absolutely necessary to be in communion with the Vicar of Christ. (Satis Cognitum 1896)

2. If the Society of Such Pious Gents does not reconcile with Rome, it will be because there is an emergency in the Church, therefore a state of necessity applies and we can ignore what I have just written above. Furthermore, anyone who subscribes to the above argument will be accused of compromising the traditional faith.

3. Whatever happens, we will declare that it is what the Archbishop would have wanted.

I hope this is clear.