Friday, 10 April 2015

Vicious and malicious attacks on the Society

As Superior Major General of the Society of Such Pious Gents, I am used to hearing vicious and malicious attacks on our Society. Generally speaking, I tend to ignore these kind of vicious comments. However, I must respond to some rather unpleasant sniping I received recently. This nastiness stems from my condemnation of the illicit consecration of Fr Jean-Michel Jarre by Bishop William Richardson. I pointed out that Pope Pius XII taught that the consecration of a bishop in defiance of the express orders of the Pope was absolutely forbidden under any circumstances and that he had described such consecrations as "gravely illicit i.e. criminal and sacrilegious". These naysayers have written to me pointing out that I was myself consecrated against the express orders of the Pope. The difference between the consecration carried out by Bishop Richardson and my own consecration is simple. My own consecration was carried out because there existed a "state of necessity" whereas no such necessity existed in the case of the consecration carried out by Bishop Richardson. It is perfectly legitimate to consecrate a bishop in defiance of the orders of the Pope if there is a 'necessity', as any good canon lawyer will tell you. (Apart from Ed Peters, that is)

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