Saturday, 26 July 2014

Should women wear trousers?

On a recent visit to London I noticed an advertisement on the London Underground for Amnesty International, a charity which campaigns against torture - and I don't mean sitting through a novus ordo folk Mass for two hours. Anyway, the poster concerned a lady who was sentenced to stoning for wearing trousers (pants for my American readers!). At first I thought she might be a follower of Bishop William Richardson's new sect, but it turns out it relates to a case in an Islamic country in Africa. I am often asked whether it is permissible for traditional Catholics to wear trousers. Some people take a relaxed view on the matter. They say that it doesn't matter whether a woman wears a skirt or trousers - it's what's underneath that's important. I'm afraid we in the Society of Such Pious Gents cannot take such a liberal view. For us, a trousered woman is basically saying she doesn't really want to be a woman, she wants to be a man, it's a slippery slope to feminism and transgenderism. Whilst, of course, I don't advocate stoning, I suggest that any woman turning up to one of our Mass centres wearing trousers should spend a few months in our mission in Kabul.

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