Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Trans Alpen Traditionalists

Whilst I was in Scotland, I also visited the small island of Papa Westray in the Shetland Isles where traditional Catholicism is flourishing. The first traditionalist community began when Father Muesli Mary founded a small order known as the Trans Alpen Traditionalists. A few years ago, some of the community entered into communion with the Pope – or as we like to put it – did a deal with modernist Rome. At the same time, they had to change the name of their order to the Roman Cornflakes so there was no confusion with the ‘novus ordo’ Alpenites. Not all of the community were happy with the reconciliation. Father Antonio Mortificatio from Italy and a couple of other priests fled to the neighbouring island of Mama Westray and founded the Traditional Alpen Traditionalists. Fr Mortificatio told me that his position hasn’t changed: “We remain faithful to the unchanging Catholic faith in communion with the successor of Archbishop Le Havre.” A few months later, his two fellow priests the Hungarian Fr Jan Zenest and Irishman Father Ray O’Flight left to found a new community on Grandpapa Westray called the Traditional Alpen traditionalists of the Strict Observance as they felt the 1962 missal was too modern. Fr Ray left shortly afterwards as he convinced himself the Pope wasn’t really the Pope and he started a new community on the island of Grandmama Westray called the Trans traditional Alpenites of the even Stricter Observance. There is also a community of religious sisters whose Mother Superior is Sister Alpena Mary. Because of strict gender segregation rules, these nuns reside on Fair Isle where they spend their time knitting traditional vestments. All in all, a great example of unity in diversity!