Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Society of Such Pious Gents and obedience

When people say our disobedience is disobedient, we say no!  Our disobedience is actually obedience in the form of disobedience thus it does not constitute true disobedience.  It may look like we are disobeying Rome, but we are actually obeying Rome - eternal Rome that is.  That is not to say that we do not recognise the Pope, we recognise him all right, we recognise him as being a modernist, hence we disobey him.  Because modernist Rome is disobedient to eternal Rome, we are disobedient to modernist Rome.  Since two negatives makes a positive, disobedience to disobedience is actually obedience, so by apparently disobeying, we are actually obeying. If on rare occasions we are disobedient to the teachings of eternal Rome, that’s only because modernist Rome is modernist.  If modernist Rome wasn’t modernist, then we would have no need to be disobedient to the teaching of eternal Rome.  Our disobedience to these teachings of eternal Rome therefore serves only one purpose: to show our fidelity to eternal Rome.  

Our position then is very clear!